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Thursday, 26 December 2013

Share your SEO Strategy or Tips in 2013

Dear Webmasters,

I want to ask from you that what you are doing now a days. After Google Penguin and Panda Update, we know what Google search engine like
1.Informative or Quality content on website.
2.Post unique articles on quality article sites. approx 10 high quality article sites as sooperarticles, articlerich and articlebase etc including the wordpress and bloggers.com. because I think search engine want want quality work, not quantity of links as we do before 4 years.
3.Website must be sharing button as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin so that users can share it.
4.Create dedicated account in Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin and Google Plus Account.
5.Use responsive design of your website and simple navigation.
6.Not use any black hat techniques as cloaking, doorway pages or keyword stuffing.
7.Create dedicated account in Google plus + sites.

Note: I think at this times the website should be user friendly so that your bounce rate will decrease, create natural backlinks as simple way concentrate on quality backlinks, not in quantity of backlinks. The article should be posted in only around 10 article sites . 

Here we want to share what I am doing now a days after panda and penguin update:
1.Check quality of content on the website.
2.Quality and unique article post in around 10 articles sites only.
3.Press Release submission and distribution online.
4.Directory Submission (only in high pr sites and if the site is news)
5.Bookmarking submission (only in high pr sites and if the site is news)
6.Classified Posting and Submission online.
7.Share our content on social media sites.
8.Document sharing for your content online. (some good pr sites)

I know all webmasters will be doing the same things. If something is missing Which I am not doing in my SEO strategy, please suggest me. Thanks.