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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Why Offline Businesses Need Online Marketing?

You have a local based brick and mortar business, so no reason to invest in online marketing, right? Location based businesses couldn’t be more wrong. Do not miss out on sales and customers by ignoring or avoiding online marketing. One of the key principles of business is to be where your target audience is looking for you. A growing number of consumers are searching online before making a purchase decision, so your business needs to be there in order for them to find you and include your company in their decision making process.

How do consumers search for businesses?

90% use a search engine
48% use the online Yellow Pages
42% use comparison shopping websites

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Google Updated Penguin 2.0 Web spam Algorithm 2013

Matt Cutts said we started rolling out the next generation of the Penguin web spam algorithm on 22 May 2013 and the roll out is now complete. That update affects 2.3% of English-US a regular user might notice. The change has also finished rolling out for other languages world-wide. The scope of Penguin varies by language, e.g. languages with more web spam will see more impact.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Matt Cutts On 10 New SEO Changes At Google In Next Few Months

He pre-announced changes Google will be implementing to the ranking and indexing algorithms in the next few months. Specifically, he mentioned about ten changes coming to Google's search results and algorithms over this summer - in the "next few months

Google Team say, they will do some changes in the following areas which are given below
1.Major Penguin Update
2.Advertorial Spam
3.Spammy Queries Being Looked At
4.Going Upstream At Link Spammers
5.More Sophisticated Link Analysis
6.Improvements On Hacked Sites
7.Authority Boost In Algorithm
8.Panda To Soften
9.Domain Clusters In SERPs
10.Improved Webmaster Communication