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Social Media Exposure

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Using SEO Principles in Your Brand's Social Media

Social media and SEO are actually more closely linked than most companies realize. When consumers are researching your brand, products and services online they are not just finding out information through your tweets, posts and other social chatter, they are finding your content that has been spread throughout the Web and posted to other sites in organic search results.

Google and other engines are monitoring and indexing what’s happening on social networks today. Public Facebook pages, trending topics in Twitter, blog posts, as well as photos, videos and all manner of content that is shared and created on social media platforms are now being viewed and scanned by search engine crawlers. 

For this reason, the running of your brand’s social profiles will benefit greatly by employing some SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Internet Marketing Professional for your website.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

How you can ensure that your target market is reading your Articles?

You submit articles with the hope that they will come before the eyes of people who would be interested in your business, services or products. Ideally, these target customers will be looking at your article and then reading your resource box and clicking the link leading to your website.

You know your articles are being published online, where anyone can find them. There may be some niche specific websites that publish your articles, but many times your article may be published on a more general website or article directory that is divided into categories.

You can do two things which help search engines such as Google direct your target readers to your articles.

1. Write articles on the general theme of your website.

2. Do research for keywords associated with your niche.

At last time, When you do those two things, your can be sure your target market is reading your articles.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

What are the Benefits of Guest Posting?

The main benefit of guest posting on another blog is gaining links back to your website. Links are still the most important factor in how your website ranks in the search engines. You also are increasing your business’ Internet presence by adding quality content to the Web.

Another benefit of posting on popular blogs is that you can increase the number of visitors that visit your site through the links in your posts. Guest posting also increases the value of the website you are contributing to. By adding quality content to another site, you can help increase its authority and Page Rank which makes the links that you have coming from that site even more valuable to you.

Obviously, if you were to allow guest posting on your own blog, the same benefit of increased authority and Page Rank would apply to your own site as well.